Halas Roofing and Renovations only uses the very top rated quality roof underlayment, roof materials and eave protection products. We know our work can withstand time and expect our products to do the same.


Building Products of Canada (BP) has been around for over a century. Their high quality home and renovation products are arguably the best on the market with unbeatable warranties, quality commitment and proven track record.


Out of BP's quality line up of roofing materials, we have been highly impressed and often recommend the Mystique 42 laminate asphalt roofing shingle. It has breakthrough "Weather-Tite Technology" with two sealant bands that lock out water and wind driven rain. This product stays strong in even the most powerful storms. 



IKO is another company that offers superior roofing materials and waterproofing products. IKO has waterproofing products specifically formulated for local building requirements and climates, giving it a true advantage over all other waterproofing products. Waterproofing products we have utilized include bitumen and liquid waterproofing primers, adhesives and coatings based on polyurethane, modified silicone and PMMA.