Youth Unlimited - Wetaskiwin Youth Centre

Youth Unlimited - Wetaskiwin Youth Centre

 Youth Unlimited

Sharing close space with the Justice Cafe, we were also the main builders of the Wetaskiwin Youth Centre for Youth Unlimited Wetaskiwin. This organization promotes the unlimited potential of youth when they are invested in by positive role models. Many youth in Wetaskiwin have been positively impacted by Youth Unlimited, and Halas Roofing hopes that their contribution of construction will allow many local youth to continue being positively impacted for years to come. The Youth Centre provides a safe and positive environment for local teenagers to play ping pong, snooker, and hang out with friends.

We are proud supporters of multiple non-profit organizations.

Justice Cafe

Halas Roofing and Renovations were the main builders of the 2015 Justice Café / Lighthouse Fellowship Wetaskiwin in the Wetaskiwin Mall. The Justice Cafe is a non-profit establishment, and is open to all faiths and individuals.

We decided to get involved with the construction of the cafe because of the incredible value it added to the Wetaskiwin community. It offers fair trade coffee, supports local farmers, is kid-friendly and hosts a small artisan shop that sells direct and fair trade handmade goods. The cafe also hosts events that bring awareness to important social justice issues world wide. 

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Agape Thrift Store & Community Outreach

In the economic down turn Alberta has seen in the last year, a family friend and a member of the Halas family had decided, something must be done to help those hit hardest and Agape Thrift Store & Community Outreach was born.

Halas Roofing helped fund the start up costs of this non profit organization as well as performed the majority of renovations to the space rented for the endeavour, who opened their doors December 1st 2015.

Agape Thrift Store is exactly that, a thrift store. It was put in place to give people access to gently used items at low costs to them, while generating funds to facilitate community outreach. The community outreach side of the organization is in place to help those needing a hand up in a time of difficulty. Whether it be a grocery store gift card or a box of diapers they offer referral and emergency services to those in need within the community.

Run solely on volunteers and donations we hope to continue aiding the success of this organization by offering donation pick up at no cost as well as furniture delivery at a nominal fee.